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thoughts of an every day teacher

Choose Education

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Choose Education.
Choose baby Mozart and toddler yoga and after school tuition.
Choose cursive handwriting for four-year-olds.
Choose rote-learning and synthetic phonics.
Choose a narrow curriculum and ineffectual grammatical terminology.
Choose compliance and non-critical thinking.
Choose quantitative social indicators, SATs results, data analysis and homogenised student populations.
Choose pupil premium and linear progress.
Choose memorisation, competition and league tables.
Choose the smallest definition of success.
Choose your values.
Choose collaboration.
Choose museums and art galleries and theatres.
Choose real understanding.
Choose drama and books and empathy.
Choose to see beyond a number on a spreadsheet.
Choose discussion and interest and intrinsic motivation.
Choose science experiments, problem solving and creativity.
Choose wide parameters and eye-opening experiences.
Choose diversity.
Choose to veer away from the mind-numbing, soul-destroying commodification of the human race.
Choose human flourishing.
Choose your future.
Choose education.


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