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This week we’ve taken on our new mantle with great excitement! Last week, there were several reports of strange sounds coming from the office next door to our classroom, so we decided to set up in business as ‘Soundbusters.’ (Any similarities to ’80s films of a similar name is, of course, entirely coincidental!) We’ve advertised our services with posters and a song (again, no similarities intended, obviously) and will be available for hire to investigate spooky, strange and mysterious sounds. We are hoping to persuade our Headteacher to invest in our business, Pocket-Money-Pitch-style, when we pitch our ideas to him tomorrow.

The Wolves in the Walls, by Neil Gaiman, has been a fabulous stimulus for our work so far. The illustrations are amazing and it is an incredibly language-rich text. The children are completely hooked – I love it when they beg for the next part of the story!  We’ve been writing poems based around The Sound Collector, by Roger McGough, in order to recreate the spooky atmosphere of Lucy’s house. Her Dad plays the tuba, so we’ll be thinking about how we can use our scientific ‘soundbusting’ skills to describe how it works next.

In the meantime, we’ll be listening hard for more sounds from behind our walls…

wolves in the wall


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