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Well-being Week

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Last week was Healthy Body, Healthy Mind week at school. I can’t take credit for the idea or the planning as that was down to one of our Assistant Heads.

The week gave children an opportunity to take part in activities to promote emotional and physical well-being.  Our English focused on the story of Giraffe’s Can’t Dance and we thought about how we can solve problems and use helpful self-talk. In maths we used rounding, ordering decimals and fractions and division to work out amounts of sugar in different foods and had quite a few surprises! We tried out a whole range of mindfulness activities including massage, mindful colouring, controlled breathing and we also used the ‘Flow’ videos on the brain break website gonoodle (highly recommended for all kinds of things if you haven’t seen it). We also did some exercising with our resident Commando Joe and both staff and children were challenged to run round the park each morning just before school starts.

Staff weren’t left out of other well-being activities either. There were different things on offer to try such as head and shoulder massage, hypnotherapy, hairdressing and nail painting! Interestingly (and maybe most obviously) most staff felt the biggest contribution to their well-being this week has been the lack of marking…

My contribution was to create well-being bags for the staff to receive on Monday. I was inspired by Abigail Mann’s idea and wanted to do something similar for our staff. Our Head loved the idea, kindly agreed to fund the bags and I roped in my lovely colleague, Beth, to help out. Our bags contained:

  • Mints: to keep you cool in tough times.
  • Tissues: for ‘those’ days.
  • A Glow Stick: to remind you that you need a break so you can keep shining.
  • Bubbles in a champagne-shaped bottle: to celebrate the good times.
  • Hand sanitizer: to remind you of all the lives you ‘touch.’

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The aim was make people feel appreciated and thought about and, judging from people’s reactions, I think this was achieved. One of the best things for me was the opportunity it gave me to chat with staff that I don’t know so well.

Beth and I have got lots more ideas for things we can do to appreciate our staff and contribute to their well-being, so watch this space!


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