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Here Be Dragons

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Last half term term was very exciting in our class! Stepping into our ‘What if’ world saw us becoming apprentice dragonologists to Dr Ernest Drake. We wrote letters of application, explaining why we would be suitable for the job and created a dragon post box where we could communicate with Dr Drake.


He sent us lots of information about the Manchester Ridge Back and the Thunder Dragon (courtesy of Pie Corbett) and we used this to sharpen our report writing skills.

Unfortunately for Dr Drake, he broke his leg and was unable to go on his next dragon hunt where he hoped to find a new species. Luckily for us, we were invited to go in his place as long as we promised to report back on what we had found.

Dragon hunting was extremely exciting!  We used our mapping skills and knowledge of habitats to work out where our dragons were from; investigated what they would look like using our observational and artistic skills; thought about the kinds of food they might eat, the kinds of treasure they might collect and what sort of activities they would enjoy.

The great thing about working with dragons is that there are lots of incredible books to support our language development and imaginations. The artefacts around our class for the dragon hunt were inspired by a range of these, including Dragonology, How to Train Your Dragon, The Dragon Machine, Pie Corbett’s work around dragons and Jackie Morris’s beautiful, beautiful book, Tell Me a Dragon.


tell me a dragon

dragon dust.jpg

Dr Drake was really pleased with our reports and invited us to publish them as pages for his new book Dragonology II.

dragon display

This has been a highly successful mantle. The children were hugely engaged and their writing made great progress as a result. My favourite moment was having the parent of a somewhat reluctant reader tell me her son was begging her to buy the Dragonology book – “I have to have it for my research Mum!”


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