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A Fairytale


Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, a little girl called Hope lived with her cousins, Mara, Sophia and David. They lived in an old, run-down castle. Although they were surrounded by a beautiful land, the cousins were trapped behind the huge castle walls.

Every night they gathered round the fire to tell stories, reminding each other of what life could be like beyond the walls, in hope that they would make it over there one day.

Hope wasn’t too sure about this story telling at first, so she just watched and listened. It was all very interesting. Sometimes they had inspiring, exciting ideas about how to get past the walls, and sometimes they told darker tales about how indestructible the walls seemed. Hope always liked it best when David and Sophia spoke, although she thought Mara’s stories were important too.

One day she decided to join in and tentatively offered her thoughts. David and Sophia responded kindly, but Mara spoke out of her frustrations. “Don’t be stupid Hope,” she said, “you’re just a little girl, what do you know about walls?”

Crestfallen, Hope thought for a moment. And while she thought, the conversation around the fire carried on. Then she tiptoed out of the room, down the winding stairs and out through the creaky door. Gathering her tools, Hope went to the walls and began to dig over the ground, planting seeds right next to them. For what Mara did not know, was that Hope was a clever and capable gardener.

Over many days, Hope nurtured her seeds with patience, care and dedication. After a while, the vines started to grow. They were tenacious, tough plants, who spread slowly and steadily. Their roots crept under the foundations, and their branches dug into the mortar, until one day, the walls couldn’t take any more, and one by one, the bricks began to crumble…


4 thoughts on “A Fairytale

  1. That is beautiful! 🙂


  2. This is so good. Really thought-provoking. Thanks Abby 😀


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